Good. Simple. Protein.

Evolve didn’t set out to be just another protein. Our goal was to be a good protein, in every way possible.

Our journey began in the mountains of Colorado, where the air is thinner, the people are fewer, and the cell phone reception is all but nonexistent. We began to see things a little more clearly, and it was here in the mountains where we decided to develop CytoSport, Inc.’s first plant-based and vegan protein line.

Maybe it’s the clear blue sky, the fragrance of alpine foliage, or the glorious lack of intent, but when we removed ourselves from the complicated world below, everything became a little simpler.

Not simple as in easy, but simple as in what’s necessary.

The good kind of simple.

Our ethos is firmly rooted in the back to basics, less is more mentality. That’s why our EVOLVE® protein shakes are made with only 10-11 clean, simple, and non-GMO ingredients. They are free of dairy, soy, gluten and artificial flavors. Our goal is to add delicious simplicity to a complicated world. Be more good with less, and thrive on a foundation that simple is better, delicious is best.

We also recognized we have a responsibility here. It’s on us to not only make the world’s finest plant-based protein line of products, but to leave the world better than we found it. That’s why we use pea protein. It’s more sustainable, uses fewer resources, and requires less fertilizer. It also returns nitrogen to the soil, making it more fertile and beneficial to whatever is planted next.

The EVOLVE® Brand is proud to support the mission of the National Park Foundation to protect national parks, connect people to parks, and inspire the next generation of park stewards.

Our ambition is to help you unlock your potential while also doing good, being good and feeling good. EVOLVE® products make choosing simplicity simple. And when you pare things down to only their essential components, good things happen. Really good things.

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The Evolve Team

CytoSport, Inc.

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